The Beatles, the best-selling band in history 6

The Beatles, the best-selling band in history

The Beatles: the best-selling band in history, with over 600 million records sold worldwide.
Their career spanned from 1960 to 1970, and during that time, they produced a vast amount of albums, songs, and concerts that left a lasting impact on several generations.
In this blog, we will review various aspects of their journey, from their beginnings to their separation, and get to know each of their members a little better.

The Beatles, the best-selling band in history 4

The Members

The four members of The Beatles were:

  • John Lennon: The group’s leader and founder. He was the primary vocalist and rhythm guitarist, also playing the piano, harmonica, and other instruments. Lennon authored or co-authored many of The Beatles’ most famous songs, such as «Help!», «Strawberry Fields Forever,» «A Day in the Life,» and «Imagine.» After the group’s breakup, he embarked on a successful solo career, tragically cut short by his assassination in 1980.
  • Paul McCartney: The other leader and co-founder of the group. He served as the primary bassist and vocalist, also playing the piano, guitar, and other instruments. McCartney authored or co-authored many of The Beatles’ most popular songs, including «Yesterday,» «Hey Jude,» «Let It Be,» and «Penny Lane.» After the group’s breakup, he pursued a successful solo career and formed the band Wings.
  • George Harrison: The group’s lead guitarist. He also played the sitar, organ, and other instruments. Harrison authored some of The Beatles’ most acclaimed songs, such as «Something,» «Here Comes the Sun,» «While My Guitar Gently Weeps,» and «Taxman.» After the group’s breakup, he embarked on a successful solo career and was part of the project The Traveling Wilburys.
  • Ringo Starr: The group’s drummer. He also played percussion, piano, and other instruments. Starr authored some of The Beatles’ most lighthearted songs, like «Yellow Submarine,» «Octopus’s Garden,» and «With a Little Help from My Friends.» After the group’s breakup, he pursued a successful solo career and formed the All-Starr Band.
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The Beginnings

Formed in Liverpool, England, in 1960 when John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison joined forces to play rock and roll music.

Initially called The Quarrymen, they changed their name several times before settling on The Beatles, paying homage to Buddy Holly and his band, The Crickets.
Ringo Starr joined as the drummer in 1962, completing the group’s definitive lineup.

The Beatles started performing in clubs and bars in Liverpool and Hamburg, where they developed their style and charisma.
They caught the attention of music producer George Martin, who offered them a contract with Parlophone Records.
Their debut single, «Love Me Do,» was released in October 1962 and reached number 17 on the British charts.
From there, their popularity skyrocketed.

The Beatles, 3


Between 1963 and 1966, The Beatles experienced the most successful and frenetic period of their career.
Their albums and songs became global phenomena, and their tours incited collective hysteria among fans who followed them everywhere.
This phenomenon was known as Beatlemania, showcasing the cultural and social impact the group had at the time.

Some standout albums from this period include
«Please Please Me» (1963),
«A Hard Day’s Night» (1964),
«Help!» (1965), and
«Rubber Soul» (1965).

These albums reflect The Beatles’ musical and lyrical evolution, transitioning from simple and catchy songs to experimenting with new sounds and influences.
Lennon and McCartney’s compositional talent is evident, as they wrote the majority of the group’s songs.

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Artistic Maturity

Between 1966 and 1970, The Beatles entered a more creative and sophisticated stage of their career. They ceased touring to focus exclusively on the recording studio, where they explored new techniques and musical genres. Their albums became more conceptual and complex, reflecting the personal and artistic concerns of each group member.

Some iconic albums from this period include:

  • «Revolver» (1966),
  • «Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band» (1967),
  • «The Beatles» (also known as the White Album) (1968),
  • «Abbey Road» (1969), and
  • «Let It Be» (1970).


These albums showcase The Beatles’ diversity and originality, spanning from psychedelic rock to folk, blues, country, and Indian music.

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The Breakup

Despite the artistic and commercial success The Beatles enjoyed until the end of their career, internal issues gradually eroded their relationships. Creative differences, personal tensions, external influences (such as relationships or advisors), and individual ambitions were contributing factors to the group’s dissolution.

The first sign of a rift was George Martin’s departure as a producer in 1969. Legal disputes over control of the Apple Corps label, founded by The Beatles in 1968, followed. Finally, in April 1970, Paul McCartney publicly announced his departure, marking the official end of The Beatles.

The Beatles, 5

The last Beatles song, «Now and Then,»

recorded in 1995 by the three surviving members—Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr—with John Lennon’s voice taken from a 1978 home demo. The song was produced by Jeff Lynne, who also collaborated with The Beatles on the songs «Free as a Bird» and «Real Love,» released in 1995 and 1996, respectively.

«Now and Then» is a melancholic ballad reflecting Lennon’s love and nostalgia for his wife Yoko Ono, as well as his relationship with his former bandmates. The lyrics say: «Now and then I miss you / I wish you were here with me / I remember all the good times / We had in our days.» The song has a style similar to «Imagine,» one of Lennon’s most famous solo songs.

The song

was one of four considered by The Beatles for the Anthology project, a series of documentaries, albums, and books revisiting the band’s history. However, it was discarded for various reasons, including the poor quality of the original demo, technical difficulties syncing Lennon’s voice with the music, and Harrison’s dissatisfaction with the final result. According to McCartney, Harrison said, «I don’t like that song. I don’t want to do it.»

Remained unreleased until 2007 when an incomplete version of the recording leaked online. Since then, it has circulated among Beatles fans, who have created their own versions and mixes of the song. Some express a desire for the song to be officially released someday, while others respect The Beatles’ decision to leave it in obscurity.

«Now and Then» is a song that showcases Lennon’s talent and sensitivity as a composer, as well as the affection and camaraderie that existed among the four Beatles, even after their separation. It is a song that reminds us of what The Beatles meant to music and the world, and what they continue to mean now and always.

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